“It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world”

I suppose we can all agree, after reading any newspaper, that the outside world is …mixed up, muddled up, and shook up. Do we let ourselves see that this is also true of the world and the people more immediately around us?  And maybe, ah!, even ourselves? Agile and Scrum are ways to work through […]

Question: Explaining Impediments to the Sprint Goal that happen

I received this Email with a Question: Hi Joe, I wanted to follow up and let you know how much I enjoyed the agile class and how much I’ve enjoyed implementing it at my office. The team has really seen the improvement with their own eyes, and they are getting more and more brought in […]


I think the key goal of Scrum is to help the Team maximize the business value from the Team to the Customers. But another, of several subsidiary goals, is to enable the Team to focus. Focus is more or less the opposite of multitasking. Perhaps even more to the point, multitasking is one of the […]

Wide-band delphi estimation for Business Value – 2

See Part 1. *** Step by step Let’s walk through how to do it. We have a product backlog.  Usually user stories. Identify the right people to be the business value experts. We recommend they have participated in developing the PB.  Typically 5 people.  I call them the business stakeholders …just the key people to […]

Wide-band delphi estimation for Business Value – 1

Many, many teams and I have been doing wide-band delphi estimation of business value for several years now.  Let me report how we do it, which seems to be successful.  In fact, as far as we can tell, it is more successful than any other approach. What is it? You may want to look up […]

Wideband Delphi estimation

This has been a commonplace idea for many people for decades. And used in Agile for estimating effort for at least one decade. And only talked about in Agile for estimating business value for a few years. See Wikipedia’s article here. See James Grenning’s article here.

Agile Alliance website – Agile 101

The new Agile Alliance website has a new Agile 101 section.  Within that section is a “Practices Timeline.” The timeline is pretty good, and will almost surely introduce you to some key ideas.  Some that you know (but maybe not well enough) and probably even some you don’t know (but should).

Scrum at Scale – 4 parts

Jeff Sutherland has recently done a great job in describing his ideas on scaling. Here are three things I think are key: 1. Scale down.  That is, it is complex to get lots of people involved in one problem or effort.  Simplify. 2. Use patterns.  (Ex: Do not try to implement all of some big poster […]

Executive Action Team

Jeff Sutherland has defined an Executive Action Team.  This is similar to the Management Scrum idea that I discussed. You will also notice that Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn have described roughly similar ideas to what Jeff is describing.  (I will look up later the names they gave to those teams.) Jeff Sutherland’s idea is […]

Management Scrum Team – Part 4

This is the 4th of 4 parts.  See here for the 1st part. Links to all 4 parts are there. Or search to the right. *** Retrospective.  Again, telling the truth here can be difficult. The whole MST comes to this meeting at the end of every Sprint. For a 2 week Sprint, maybe 2 […]