Impediments: Orlando May 2015

In a class in Orlando, the following impediments were identified.  Some duplication, I think, perhaps partly due to the way we/they did it. Bulky process Silos Customer rep with no mandate Blame game [Need] one more person on site with Front End [skills] Lack of motivation [Lack of] knowledge of new technology Delivery pressure, customer […]

Do we really believe in autonomy at work?

How autonomous should knowledge workers be? (Earlier I made the subject ‘freedom.’  This word carries more emotional energy, and requires discussion of other issues.  Still, I do feel strongly about this topic.) And do we (the workers and the managers) really believe in that level of autonomy? To me, these are two important questions.  And […]

Proposal: Learning Open Agile Adoption

Imagine that we, the agile advocates, have got agile going a little bit in our organization.  How do we get it more broadly adopted? The first problem is that we want everybody to do something that is reasonably consistent and reasonably professional.  (This could be any of several flavors of agile, but for now, imagine […]

Proposal: Scaling Workshop

This is the first in a series on new ideas to make your practice of Agile more successful. Do a scaling workshop The idea is a 2 day workshop with the right people in your company, focused on the scaling topic. First, scaling can mean many different things, and in the workshop we like to […]

Teams are More Important than Scaling

This is another take-away from the Southern Fried Agile last fall. Teams are more important than scaling. I am hearing a lot of talk about scaling.  Definitely a useful and important topic for some. Also, I am deeply concerned that we are missing a key the point. Many people are. In general, we have *not […]

Toronto – Impediment List

Here is what the Toronto course identified as impediments.  Not in any order (although understood that it must be ordered). Overlooking risks Big scope Team competence Too many defects Team changes Processes not clear Product owner involvement Under estimated Requirements not clear Requirement change not being communicated Not what client expected Finance Resource (probably mot […]

Making Change Happen

How do we make change happen? First, this is an interesting and somewhat difficult problem. No one knows the complete answer. Change does happen, and people ascribe causes to why the change happens (or does not happen). The facts are very messy so it is hard to be sure, and hard to know if we are sometimes lying to […]

Managers : Impediments

It should not be confusing how to manage in Scrum (agile). Let’s put a scope on this. We are talking about the management of innovation, using Teams. Not the management of BAU or regular production or whatever your firm calls that. I am less sure these principles (below) apply in those cases, but I do […]

Agile Adoption: Two Styles Contrasted

Imagine a smallish organization with 10 Scrum teams (or what will be 10 Scrum teams).  I want you to be thinking of a relatively uncomplicated situation. Imagine that you offered two ways to implement agile. Let us assume that we believe that agile will lead to better lives for the workers and better lives for […]

Avoid an Agile Adoption that’s ‘Meh’

There are many ways to adopt Agile or Scrum. And in a sense it is true that each organization adopts agile in it’s own way. One broad set of patterns is ‘bottom-up’.  This means that it starts with one team, who finds out about it and starts doing it, and then it spreads.  Without official […]