Why do we have the Sprint Burndown chart?

As with almost everything in Scrum, the purpose of the Sprint Burndown chart is to help the Team. First, we assume the Team (the whole team, including the implementers, the PO and the SM) are adults.  And, as adults, they want to be successful.  In every dimension that is relevant: more fun, higher quality, more […]

Steve Kerr’s advice on developing a great team

Here is an article about an interview with Steve Kerr on developing a great team. Scrum helps.  But Scrum is only part of the story.  There are many skills sets to develop a professional team.  And more skill sets to developing a winning team in any season. Leadership Lessons from Steve Kerr, Head Coach of […]

Executive’s Guide to Scrum

I enjoy everything Jeff Sutherland writes about Scrum. In this case, I do not know that he wrote this document (Executive’s Guide to Scrum), but I do know that, even if he did not write it all, it was strongly influenced by him. So, go to this page: http://offers.openviewpartners.com/executive-scrum-guide And download the 34 page guide.  […]

4 Things to Improve on Today

Here are four ideas about ways to get better results with Agile and Scrum.  We try to talk about these in the initial course.  But basically always they are not heard well enough — I have gotten used to this being normal, part of human nature and the cultures we live in. Higher Quality “Bad […]

What happens to Project Managers?

From one of our students: Thank you Joe, I took the exam and passed 34/35! One question if I may: I noticed in the top mistakes list that ‘having a project manager’ is listed. Why is Project Manager so bad here? Does that just mean that a team tries to implement Scrum with a typical […]

Emergent Leadership

In Scrum, the whole team is supposed to self-organize. By “whole team” we mean all seven people, the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the “Doers.” They always self-organize — well, we can’t say they always do it successfully. Occasionally they do not self-organize well, but they did self-organize, kind of, given the conditions they […]

Pictures I draw in the course

Below is a link to a PDF of the pictures I drew in the recent CSM course + ARP workshop in NYC. They are not self-explanatory, but some of you will remember better what we said by ‘seeing the picture’. ‘Now I see the picture’ they often say. Enjoy! Comments welcome. NYC march 2017  

Scrum Roles – Product Owner

The Scrum Guide does not ‘require’ you to have a fully dedicated team.  I think if you read it carefully, you will see that they are urging you to have a fully dedicated team.  Certainly I strongly suggest that you do that.  And I know that Jeff Sutherland strongly encourages that.  And a stable team. […]

Connecting Agile Planning to Agile Action – 1

“Only connect!” A quote from EM Forster.  And also our theme here. We think that one of the most useful things to connect is Agile Planning to Agile Action. If we connect these and ‘manage’ them well, we think that will lead to greater success.  Notably greater success. *** Let’s explain briefly. First, I just […]

PMI Palmetto Symposium

Below are three documents and a link.  All as gifts for you.  Since you came to the PMI Palmetto Symposium. The presentation (PDF): Plan-Win The Lean Agile Open flyer: LAO FLYER 2017 A discount coupon for a Certified ScrumMaster (or CSPO) course for PMI Palmetto members.  CSM Cour Flyer Greenville A link to download my […]