State of Agile Survey 2015 – Version One

Annually Version One does an survey of the state of agile.  Very useful. I am not sure it is a scientific survey, but it tries and it generally does give some useful insights, even though they cannot be said to be scientific truths. See here. To me, it says we are making progress.  That is, […]

Scrum requires Effort

It seems that many people expect Scrum to make magic happen by itself. This is of course a fairly immature notion. It is true that Scrum (the roles, meetings and artifacts) will, with a bit of introduction, almost surely cause your team to get better.  Without much additional effort or investment. But the real power […]

Short Scrum and Long Scrum

There are many many ways to play Scrum. In some sense Scrum is infinitely flexible. But let us pretend for a moment that there are only two types of Scrum, which I will call Short Scrum and Long Scrum. Short Scrum In Short Scrum, maybe where a Sprint is completed in a day, we do […]

Balancing the work in the Sprint (coding vs testing)

Dean asks: Your Lean Agile Training website content has provided some great insight in helping me improve my agile principles and practices. There is one thing I haven’t been able to clear out of my mind.  Perhaps there is a principle I’m not applying or a lightbulb that hasn’t come on.  Maybe I haven’t come […]

Impediments: Orlando May 2015

In a class in Orlando, the following impediments were identified.  Some duplication, I think, perhaps partly due to the way we/they did it. Bulky process Silos Customer rep with no mandate Blame game [Need] one more person on site with Front End [skills] Lack of motivation [Lack of] knowledge of new technology Delivery pressure, customer […]

Sprint Planning Meeting – The basics

At the beginning of each sprint, we hold a Sprint Planning Meeting (SPM). Notice first that it starts a sprint. And the Sprint has real meaning.  Typically the Sprint is a time-box in which the Team will make significant progress in building a releasable product.  Perhaps it will take 2 or 10 sprints to build […]

Do we really believe in autonomy at work?

How autonomous should knowledge workers be? (Earlier I made the subject ‘freedom.’  This word carries more emotional energy, and requires discussion of other issues.  Still, I do feel strongly about this topic.) And do we (the workers and the managers) really believe in that level of autonomy? To me, these are two important questions.  And […]

Proposal: Learn about Open Agile Adoption

Imagine that we, the agile advocates, have got agile going a little bit in our organization.  How do we get it more broadly adopted? One challenge is that we want everybody to do something that is reasonably consistent and reasonably professional.  (This could be any of several flavors of agile, but for now, imagine Scrum.)  […]

Why the Yogi Berra jokes? Why the music? Why all the questions and sarcasm in class?

I want to explain the techniques I use in the CSM class, or at least something about them. First, some people really like these techniques, and want to know more. Second, sadly, a few people find the techniques annoying, especially the first day.  In general this is a small percentage of people, but in some […]

Proposal: Scaling Workshop

This is the first in a series on new ideas to make your practice of Agile more successful. Do a scaling workshop The idea is a 2 day workshop with the right people in your company, focused on the scaling topic. First, scaling can mean many different things, and in the workshop we like to […]