Stop Starting, Start Finishing

The phrase in the title is a well-known agile phrase, but perhaps not well-enough known. In one way, it is saying: minimize WIP.  Work-in-process or work-in-progress. In another way, it is saying what my friend Mike Vizdos says: Focus. #Deliver. *** But let me tell a story that gives a different meaning. A few months […]

The Team sucks, the Backlog sucks, the Done Done sucks! I know! Let’s scale that!

I just led a discussion with Agile Charleston on that topic. The idea for this topic comes from a talk by Mike Cottmeyer at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando. I agreed with Mike that these 3 are 3 of the most common problems with Teams.  And they are fundamental. (One might argue that X is […]

Scrum 101

Here is the slide deck I used in the talk with the Agile Halifax group. Scrum101.key You can see slides from other talks I have had here. Enjoy!    

Scrum 201 Course – Why?

Why the ‘Scrum 201’ course? Problem: This course addresses two problems. (A) how to get more success from Scrum. (B) how to advance your career. We are finding far too many teams are only getting 20% or so improvement with Scrum.  This is by far too low.  One way to address this problem is more […]

Jeff Sutherland Google Talk (2014) on “Scrum” (book)

Here is a fairly recent Google Talk by Jeff Sutherland. (Late 2014.)  The talk gives some key ideas from his recent book, Scrum. The talk is long, about an hour. But you can stop it any time.

Getting Started with Scrum

Let’s talk about the basic standard patterns in getting started with Scrum. (We have talked about these ideas before, and so have many many coaches and advisors.) Start a pilot team This also means pull together a team with the best possible criteria for success.  These criteria are worth reviewing in more detail later.  But […]

Lean Agile Open – April 15th, 2016.

We had a great event in Charlotte yesterday, and I hope you did not miss it. Self-organizing people did the best they could (which is actually a lot) to learn as much as they could with other smart people.  About Lean and Agile topics.  With, I think, the goals of (a) becoming more effective, and (b) […]

The A3 Approach

In every class, I teach the A3 approach to kaizen. Kaizen is usually translated into English as ‘continuous improvement.’ In Scrum that means ‘removing impediments.’ The first thing to note is that it is an approach.  It is a method, with certain values and principles, and the fundamentals of the approach are more important than […]

Scrum 201 Course: Agile-Scrum to the next level

I have a Scrum 201 course coming up in Atlanta. This is important, needed and useful. Why?  Why Scrum 201? Lots of people have tried Scrum and everyone gets some reasonable benefit. But, you may not have gotten nearly the benefits possible.  So, the purpose of this course is to enable you to get much […]

List of Courses and Workshops V12

Some of you may have seen our prior list of courses and workshops. Scrum 201 was added.  We did this one years ago with Jeff Sutherland, and the need for it continues to grow. Many of these courses and workshops are available publicly, or could be done publicly about anywhere if there is some interest […]