Avoid an agile adoption that’s ‘meh’

We suppose there are many ways to adopt Agile or Scrum. And in a sense it is true that each organization adopts it in it’s own way. One pattern is ‘bottom-up’.  This means that it starts with one team, who finds out about it and starts doing it, and then it spreads.  Without official approval […]

Strategy as Distributed Phronesis – Nonaka

Some of you will recognize this name.  He is one of the two men who wrote The New New Product Development Game, which directly lead to the creation and naming of Scrum. Here is slide deck on “Strategy as Distributed Phronesis.” Sounds like a mouthful, but it has some great stuff in there. I think […]

What does the Executive Team do in Scrum?

In an earlier post, we described an Executive Team in a smallish company (aka an oversight group in a larger company).  And we described a simple situation.  For example, the oversight group is responsible for 8-10 initiatives. Or, basically, 8-10 Scrum teams.  For now, let’s make it simple, and imagine that each Scrum Team is […]

Why are we doing Agile?

We just had Southern Fried Agile in Charlotte.  See SouthernFriedAgile.com I have 5 take-aways.  For today, the first one. 1. Why are we doing this? We are not doing Agile for Agile’s sake. We are doing it because we think it will help. And the most important people to help are…. well, first, everyone.  Everyone […]

Impediments – Charlotte – Oct 2014

This the list that this class identified: Indecisive Little stakeholder engagement Started development late LOB changed strategic direction Assumptions Lack of Test Environment & Data Undefined risk Lack of communication Missing requirements Too many bugs No DOD Time constraints (this is not yet a actionable impediments…but an issue for analysis IMO) Backing into dates Unreasonable […]

3 Ways a Scrum Team is managed

We think it is reasonable to manage a Scrum in at most 3 ways. Context: This is in the context of a smallish firm with teams that are mostly working independently.  There are lots of other contexts. There are two main rules.  Do NOT over-manage or over-control the Team.  This is not what you do […]

9 Key statements about estimating

I won’t explain them now, but here’s the summary… Estimations can be mis-used by some managers (and have been).  Watch out! Customers want some kind of estimate. (Ask for their details about what kind of estimate they want.) There is a trade-off between the time it takes to estimate and relative accuracy.  Keep it shorter […]

Can the Team promise a date?

I think this is an important question. Promise.  Umm.  What does promise mean?  Can Joe Namath promise a Super Bowl victory? (I think he said ‘guarantee’… and, oddly, his Jets team did actually win it.) *** Let’s say you have a fairly big project, that maybe requires 3 releases that happen every 3 months.  So, […]

Public Impediments – Charleston Oct 2014

Until you are perfect, you have impediments to fix. Here are the ones identified quickly in the course in Charleston. From an Agile point of view, I am not sure I would agree all are impediments. Team member looking for other work Lone wolf attitude with some team members Changing technology Lack of specific skills […]

Can we make a promise?

Well, can we? There are some who do ‘waterfall’ (well, to be fair, something very roughly like the waterfall that Dr. Royce defined in 1970), and some of them seem to believe that we know enough early on, and change will be small enough for the rest of the effort, that we can promise a […]