Kanban – Love it. Why?

I have been working on Kanban lately. I love the Lean ideas.  There is so much there we still need to understand better and do.  And, interestingly, the ideas are counter-intuitive to most people, and yet obviously simple and powerful when you actually take some time to do them. The one sentence version (hugely over-simplified): […]

Scaling with Agile: A patterns approach

I will be speaking to the Agile CoP of the PMI in Nashville.  Lots of interesting things happening in Nashville.  And very nice place. Here is the title of the discussion: A Patterns Approach to Scaling in Agile/Scrum Here is the description: An introduction to some concepts for scaling in Agile/Scrum, and how to use […]

Southern Fried Agile – Proposed topics

Some of you may find interest in the topics I proposed for Southern Fried Agile.  I may or may not ‘get’ any of these…. Culture, Change, Scrum: What we can do about it This is an evolving topic for me.  I spoke on this same basic topic last time, and people seemed to be pretty […]

Courses and Workshops we offer

Here is a list of all the lean – agile – scrum courses and workshops we offer.  We do these both publicly and in-house. Course and Workshop Offerings Ver2 This is not a complete list, but gives an good overview. We will update this listing from time to time. Of course we are happy to […]

The truth: Scrum is not easy!

May I tell the truth? I am a trainer, and people come to my course.  And often they want an easy answer.  A magic answer that is not disturbing, or bothersome, but is in every way only good and friendly and just better. In other words, they come to change, but they don’t want to […]

Scaling Whitepaper

We have started a scaling whitepaper.  It will go through many iterations.  Already iteration 4. Getting Starting with ScalingVer0.04 Please comment on how you think this paper should evolve, and which key questions this paper should address. Thanks.

Impediments – Charlotte Course July 2014

In the Charlotte course, the following impediments were identified.  These came from different people and were expressed in different ways.  I just copied what they said.  So, for example, sometimes a “…, lack of” is implied, I think. No one knows what done looks like Missed stakeholders Poor or non-existent planning One release per year […]

Why managers should crave Agile

One idea in the Agile community is that with Agile, we do not need any managers anymore. For those of us who have or have had Dilbert managers, this is a happy thought. But actually, of course, a silly thought, if we have any good managers in our company today.  And ‘good’ means not only […]

EPMO for a smaller company

In Waterfall we might need something else, but in Agile, what do we want from an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO)?  If we have a relatively small company (total employees near 1,000, innovation group near 100).  (Obviously, if the company were 300,000 people, it would be a different game.) Let me discuss this in 7 […]

Impediments – Charlotte

These are the impediment the group identified today. Culture, company politics Missed requirements Team motivation Competing priorities Lack of mgmt support Insufficient expertise Not enough senior support Budget constraints Lack of funding Undefined requirements Poor planning Missed stakeholders Poor training Resources not allowed to focus Requirement clarity Lack of planning Change controls (lack of) Team […]