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AgileBusiness – new Yahoo group

Quick notice that we just started a Yahoo group called Agile Business. See here. Key words might include: Agile, Business, Business Value, Agile Project Management, Product Owner, business analyst, Lean, Product Management, Marketing, Executive, Manager, Agile for non-SW projects, etc, etc. Come and share your questions and your comments.  

Yahoo Groups — 4 easy lessons

Apologies to those used to Yahoo groups. This is for beginners. First, why should you care? Because lots of really smart people use Yahoo groups (and ScrumDev in particular). Second, why should you worry? Because lots of people hear stupid things or get into flame wars on Yahoo groups (and similar). You must Think For […]

A personal note

In 2001 I was living in N.C. working as a consultant in NYC. I remember early on a Tuesday morning getting on a plane in Greensboro and flying to LaGuardia. I stopped to get some beanie babies for my kids, and took a taxi to the World Trade Center at about 8:25 a.m. It was […]