Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sprint Planning Meeting – The Basics

At the beginning of each sprint is a Sprint Planning Meeting (SPM). Minor point: The SPM is inside the sprint time-box.  It starts the sprint. The Sprint has real meaning.  Typically the Sprint is a time-box in which the Team will make significant progress in building a releasable product.  Typically, it will take 2 or […]

Do we really believe in autonomy at work?

How autonomous should knowledge workers be? Earlier the subject line of this post included ‘freedom.’  This word carries more emotional energy, and requires discussion of other issues.  Hence, the change. And do we, the workers and the managers really believe in that level of autonomy? To me, these are two important questions.  And I think […]

Proposal: Learn about Open Agile Adoption

Imagine that we, the agile advocates, have agile going a little bit in our organization.  How do we get it more broadly adopted? One challenge is wanting everyone doing something that is consistent and reasonably professional.  (This could be any of several flavors of agile, but for now, imagine Scrum.)  We want this because of […]