The Advanced CSM Course (A-CSM)

The main goal of the course is to help you become more effective so you can then help your team and organization improve faster, and improve significantly — such as to 5-10x more Velocity with higher quality and more fun for the team. The specific rules of the A-CSM course requires us to spend most […]

A resource for Business Analysts

Here is a new resource for business analysts. In general, this is a very important skill set and we do not give it sufficient attention in Agile, in my opinion. Yes, there are issues. The people who have been business analysts are good people. Yes, we do not want a special role (especially as a […]

Stupid Impediment Tricks – 1

I wanted to review some “obvious” ideas about impediments. Here’s a starting blog post on that theme. First, I called it “stupid impediment tricks” just for fun. They and I and you are not stupid (I hope I say that accurately). Impediments we are about to define, and tricks is really inaccurate, but I hope […]

The Agile Challenge – Success criteria

A winning entry must of course include some description that explains that your team used Agile. It also needs to explicitly or implicitly include an argument that shows you were more successful because of Agile, and that Agile was at least one of the key causes of success. Any flavor of Agile is OK: DSDM, XP, […]

The Agile Challenge

I am devising a challenge called “The Agile Challenge.” I want to challenge all the Agile teams in North Carolina and South Carolina to prove they are the best. I want some firms or organizations to sponsor the challenge in every way: offer prize money, offer to support teams that enter the challenge, put their names on placards that […]

Working Product and the DOD

This is one in a series on Scrum Intro. The preceding post is here. Now we come to the Working Product. The big phrase is “potentially shippable product increment.” What it means is first this: At the end of a Sprint, we expect every story that the team committed to in the Sprint Planning Meeting is […]

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Most everyone knows that quote from Yoda, and it highlights the three key things we must do, and maybe the couple things we must worry about. Don’t do it half-baked. Jeff Sutherland calls it “ScrumButt” and Ken Schwaber calls it Flaccid Scrum. (The second is not my favorite phrase.) You don’t play a game using […]

What to fix first?

One could imagine many situations… But imagine this one.  Imagine that you are trying to start Scrum, or perhaps re-start it, or take it to a new level.  You have a few teams.  But you have some of the following impediments. The project or products are not well prioritized. You have too much work in […]

Defining Agile at Your Firm (or in your Department)

The Idea (or the Practice) Let me propose an idea. I am happier if you call it a practice. The idea is simple.  That agreeing on what you are doing will help.  Or, that not agreeing and only kinda sorta roughly trying to do [agile] is likely to lead to notably less-good results. And I […]

Inhouse Courses and Workshops

I am about to do, in the next 2 months, three different inhouse courses.  Well, actually more, since some clients will be doing more than one thing. We do a variety of different things.  The typical thing is that we need 10 people.  And you save money. But the key thing:  It helps a lot. […]