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Taking Ideas on a Test Drive

I am a strong proponent of “show me the money.” In other words, there are lots and lots of ideas that sound good. And only a relative few that are really worthwhile. And we only know which are which by …taking an idea for a test drive. But even this basic scientific idea is not […]

Agile Principles and Values

In the post linked below, Jeff Sutherland wrote, apropos the Agile Manifesto, a bunch of things about some key Agile values and principles.  Excellent stuff. As some of you know, I think it is essential for people doing agile or scrum to know and be in sync with the values and principles. What I call […]

Scrum vs Waterfall : How do they Compare?

Scrum vs Waterfall I have recently been asked for advice on how to compare Waterfall (WF) and Scrum VS Waterfall.  This is a hard question in some ways: the best way to compare will depend on the person you are talking to.  Another problem is that few people do ‘pure’ waterfall in actual practice. And […]

Scrum teams and living in packs

My experience with people doing Scrum is that we tend to take the “man is rational and isolated” hypothesis too easily.  Often it is not a thoughtful choice, just the implicit assumption of the way we are thinking or the way we speak. Isolated and individualistic are key words. If you believed in them, you […]


For reasons unknown, I ran into a picture I took of a statue of Jefferson in Paris (it is along the Seine, near the Musee d’Orsay). Then I saw something else which led me to this quote from Jefferson,  about the meaning of July 4th.  I think it has a broader meaning, so I quote […]

Yogi Berra quotes

As some of you may know, my sense of humor, such as it is, finds Yogi Berra quotes both entertaining and educational.  I use some of them in my classes. My hope is that the humor allows people to remember things a bit better.  Or in some other magical way, helps learning. For those who […]


It is July 4th today.  It is a great day to remember Freedom. As I have said elsewhere, to my way of looking at the world, there is one word, love, that is greater than freedom.  But perhaps only that one. [Side comment: God is love. So, we could say that God too is greater […]

Purpose of the Daily Scrum

What is the purpose of the Daily Scrum? First, how often do we have one? Obvious — daily! Well, apparently not so obvious to all. Some people think we need one twice a week. Let’s go back to the purpose. The purpose is to enable the team to make micro-adjustments in any dimension to land […]

Jeff Sutherland video: Basics of Scrum

Nice video. Five minutes. Highly recommended. Complex adaptive systems — an important idea. [The videos were moved around. This seems the best link.] Other great videos on this same page now.

“The bad news does not get better with age.”

“The bad news does not get better with age.” I use this phrase, this key principle, several times in my Scrum courses. I say: “Women get better with age, Wine gets better with age And cheese gets better with age, But the bad news, in our business, does not get better with age.” Digression: Some […]