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Choosing a Scrum course/trainer

This is a question I get from time to time: How should I choose between one course/trainer and another? This is an important question and deserves some thought.  It does not deserve, in my opinion, a simple answer, as one might get from Zagat’s about a restaurant. The choice is different than choosing yet another […]

Why our CSM (Scrum) course + Workshop is unique.

We believe our CSM (Scrum) course plus Workshop is unique.  And better.  For the following reasons. 1. We focus on results. We want you, your team and your customers to get real results in a big way.  In 3 words, more satisfaction, more money, more fun. 2. Therefore the teaching style is not toward remembering […]

Referral Program

We have introduced a referral program. The idea is simple. We want to provide a token of thanks to those who refer a person to one of our classes. The token is a $25 Amazon gift card (we can substitute other gift cards of the same amount). So, it is not a huge referral bonus, […]

Refresher Attendees: new program

We have just started a new program:  having prior attendees of my courses to attend the same course again, for free.  Well, not exactly free.  You have to pay for essentially the hotel costs, so, for a much reduced fee. I expect the main usage of this is for people to attend again when some […]

Why add a Workshop Day to the CSM course?

Apparently I am one of the few Scrum Alliance CSTs (Certified Scrum Trainers) who always adds a Workshop day (or 2) to the CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) course. Why do I add the workshop day? The simple reason is because the attendees demand it. Honestly, before they have taken the course the attendees don’t really know […]

Business Value Engineering framework

I am about to do another BV Engineering workshop. In Orlando, Feb 23-24.  Preceded (appropriately) by an Intermediate CSPO (Product Owner) course. Feb 21-22. In this post I wanted to explain the workshop from a different angle that I have done before. First, what is the BVE framework? Scrum is a framework.  Not a full […]

Why an Intermediate CSPO (Product Owner) course?

I am about to do an Intermediate Certified Scrum Product Owner course in Orlando.  Feb 21-22.  Followed by a Business Value Engineering workshop. Feb 23-24. In this post I want to talk about why the Intermediate CSPO is important and how it is different. First, our finding is that the Team is important. Any focus […]

Why call it “BV Engineering?”

A man I greatly respect wrote to ask why I call it “BV Engineering.”  There are many engineering disciplines, he noted, but is there a degree in “business value engineering”? I said I thought an MBA was the degree for this. Not another regular engineering degree,  but I agree with him that for some the […]

Intermediate Certified Product Owner course Charlotte Dec 7-9

We have a intermediate Certified Scrum Product Owner course. In Charlotte, Dec 7-9. Leader: Joe Little. Because he has an MBA, discusses BV Engineering, and has worked with Jeff Sutherland and the Poppendiecks and other great coaches, we think this course is very valuable. Potential Product Owners, business side people, business stakeholders, ScrumMasters, and managers […]

CSM Course + Workshop: Why?

My colleague Catherine Louis got me, reluctantly at the time, to do a workshop at the end of a Certified ScrumMaster course, and then a client wanted the workshop with the course. (I have done many courses with workshops since then.) Now I am ‘hooked.’ As I have said before, the feedback from participants is […]