Webinar: How to use the ScrumButt Test — SOLD OUT
Dates: Sep 29
Location: Webinar
Course Location:
We will send you details. You will need a computer or laptop, with a good audio connection, or perhaps iPad.

You must have a good internet connection.

Webinar: How to use the ScrumButt Test — SOLD OUT

This is our pilot webinar.  We will accept only a few students. We will be using many techniques to make it interesting for you.


It will last 90 minutes.  From 11am EDT to 12:30pm EDT.

Since this session will be the first in a series, we need your feedback to improve the rest.
Please plan to stick around for another 30 minutes after the formal program for informal discussion, that is until 1pm.

The Topic: How to use the ScrumButt Test.  Or, how to stop doing half-baked Scrum, and start getting real results.

ScrumButt arises from the expression: “We do Scrum, but…[we don’t have a ScrumMaster].”  It is similar in concept to Flaccid Scrum, Unprofessional Scrum, Wagile, Agilefall, Scrum-ish.

The value proposition:

  • Useful & usable information
  • Fun
  • Excellent peer group
  • Knowledge capital
  • Influence (you will influence the direction of future webinars, including topics, webinar format, and specific knowledge capital)

We want your concerns and questions before the Webinar, and we will attempt to address your specific concerns in the Webinar.

As we review the Scrum-Butt Test, you will see Jeff Sutherland’s key suggestions for success, or greater success.  And we will talk about how to take action on these ideas.  News you can use.

The agenda: (Note: This agenda has been improved.  TB updated.)

  1. Welcome and Agenda.  That is, a more detailed agenda.
  2. Polling.  We will poll you all on a few questions.
  3. Topic Overview.  In this case, this section will include more polling on where your Team stands re Scrum-Butt.  On a scale of 0-10.  You will find this interesting.
  4. Discussion of Scoring.
  5. Fish bowl discussion.  Seven of you (in a “fish bowl” by metaphor) will discuss.  We will lead it some.
  6. Case Study Discussion.  We will set up a simple “case sudy” and ask the Fish Bowl group to comment and propose action.  We will comment too.
  7. Open Question Time.  You must send us your question (could be on a different topic), and we will address some of them.
  8. Coming Attractions and Good-bye.

Pricing:  For this introductory session, the price is $15 per person.  This is a reduced introductory rate.

Future topics are expected to include:

  • Scaling: The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Agile Adoption and/or Transformation – 1
  • How to be a great ScrumMaster
  • How to be a great Product Owner
  • How should Managers manage with Agile/Scrum
  • Getting stories ready-ready before the Sprint
  • “We aren’t getting our Stories done? What should I do?”
  • Managing the Impediment List better
  • How to manage “urgent” work that wants to bust your Sprint Backlog commitment

Please join us!