Refresher Program

We invite you to Refresh your Scrum skills by taking a Certification course again, for ‘free‘ (as explained below).

Here are some reasons:

  • To join your co-workers as they learn the Scrum framework – and ensure you and your team are on the same page.
  • To sharpen your skills after a few months or years in the trenches. Often we become convinced that ‘Scrum, but…’ is actually real Scrum. So, get errors corrected.
  • To remember material you learned the first time around, but lost in the process of day to day activities.

The cost is $150 per day, to cover hotel and food expenses.  If you took a two day course, you can refresh those two days for $300.  If you want to repeat only the Workshop day with your team, that will be $150.


  1. You must have taken the same course from the same instructor, for the same number of days.
  2. If you took the 3-day CSM + Workshop, then you can join the 3-days of the CSM and Workshop.If you took the 2-day CSM, then these rates only apply for the 2 days (and not for the 3rd day).
  3. You must have taken a full course. Example: both days of a CSM course.
  4. The original course may have been in a different city than the new course.
  5. We will limit the number of ‘refresher’ seats in each course. Please call for availability.
  6. No additional discounts may apply to the Refresher rate.
  7. We reserve the right to change the fee and the rules at any time.If you only took the 2-day CSM, you cannot (also) ‘refresh’ the Workshop day.

Referral Program (aka ‘Lunch is on Us’)

If you recommend someone who takes one of our courses and that person finishes the course, then ‘lunch is on us’.  We will send you a $25 Olive Garden or Panera card. Or a similar token of our appreciation (eg, a Barnes & Noble card, or Starbuck’s card). Make sure the attendee mentions your name when registering.


The person who mentions your name must actually attend, and pay a normal price. (Refresher attendees would not count.)  We must have a simple (inexpensive) way to deliver the gift card (eg, US Mail).  We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Take a look at the the list of public courses, then please refer a friend or colleague!  They will thank you.

Three Discounts

1. Local group

We have a discount for a person who is a member of a local agile, SPIN or PMI chapter or group.

Why? We want to encourage you to work with and learn from others locally. And we want to help these local groups.

Therefore, we offer a $100 discount per course if you are a member of a local group, or if you become a member.

Rules: The discount applies for being (or becoming) a local member of a related group (local agile, local SPIN or local PMI group).  The discount may not apply to some courses.  The rules can be changed at any time.

2. OR: Group of 3 or more.

Alternately, we have a discount for any ‘group’ of 3 or more.

The group can be any group. Three friends, three people from the same company, three people from the local Agile group.


  1. These two discounts (#1 & #2) cannot be combined. Meaning: You cannot combine the $100 local group discount with the 10% for a group discount.
  2. All the people must attend the same course.
  3. If you later move to another course you lose the discount.  Example: You receive the 10% discount (let’s say it comes to $120 off).  You decide to move to a different course. To move to that new course, you must pay the difference between what you originally paid (after the discount) and the current price of the new course.  Often that will mean ‘paying back’ the $120 discount.
  4. The discount can be applied retroactively (but only before the course starts). Example: Two people can sign up at full price. If a third person signs up, all 3 people get a 10% discount. So, you might do this by paying the net price for the third person.
  5. If a person in your group transfers out of a course and the group in the course becomes less than 3, then the discount for all the people in your group is no longer applicable.  For example, the remaining 2 people must ‘re-pay’ the discount.
  6. If a person cannot attend the course, but that person finds a substitute, then this discount remains applicable.
  7. The rules can be changed at any time.

3. Paying Cash

We have a discount for paying in cash at the course: 3%.

This is off the amount due, which can be after other discounts. Payment must be in cash (not a check, which takes more processing for us). Use of this discount method is limited per class.  So, you must contact us to confirm availability.  You must also pay $100 in advance by credit card, and the remainder is due at the first day of class.