Why Choose LAT?

There can be many reasons to choose a Lean-Agile firm.  Let’s take the most common case…choosing a firm and instructor for a Scrum course.  Here are the main reasons for choosing us:

  • Our customers like what they get.
  • We have extensive experience in lean-agile-scrum (full-time since 2005).
  • We have worked directly with teams, and directly with many companies, in implementing lean-agile-scrum.
  • Joe Little has co-trained with Jeff Sutherland 8 times.  And has worked with many other great coaches.  We believe this improves the quality of what you are getting.
  • Joe Little is recommended by Jeff Sutherland.
  • Joe Little produced about 6 courses for the Poppendiecks, and is a strong advocate for Lean and lean software development.
  • Unlike most other CSTs, Joe Little has an MBA. He often looks at Scrum from a firm viewpoint and a customer viewpoint.
  • Joe Little has worked inside projects for many years, and has an intimate appreciation for the coder and the tester skill sets, and what they bring for project success.

We also have domain knowledge in many areas: process improvement, start-up firms, the securities industry, mortgage, credit card, telecommunications, military, government projects, and ‘scrum in universities’, etc.

Our focus is making you and your firm successful.

We believe we help mainly by delivering great training and great coaches to help you achieve your goals.

Please review the comments attendees at our courses/workshops have made!