Release Planning: Summary of our blog posts

Here are the main ones, in order.

Joe’s Approach to Agile Release Planning

Release Planning: Vision

Release Planning: Product Backlog

Release Planning: Business Value

Release Planning: Effort (1)

Release Planning: Effort (2)

Release Planning: Risks, Dependencies, Learning, MMFS and Other

Release Planning: Completing the Plan

Refactoring the Release Plan

Some additional related posts:

Agile Release Planning Workshop

Kent McDonald on Release Planning

The Term ‘Release Planning’

Is Release Planning Worth It?

Agile Release Planning is not about the Plan

Release Planning with Business Stakeholders

ALN RDU: Joe’s Agile Release Planning

Why Release Planning?

Scrum and Release Planning

Release Planning

Release Planning & The Early Warning System

Why I Prefer ‘Release Plan Refactoring’ to ‘Grooming’

Two Levels of (Agile) Planning

Planning Poker – 1

Estimating Initial Velocity

Wide-band Delphi Estimation for Business Value – 1











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